XPL CM12 Service


I am no longer developing the CM12 service, and would advise all users to install the Medusa CM11 Service instead.
The Medusa service offers improved reliability, and is built with newer versions of the xPL core libraries.

The current version of my xPL CM12 service will remain on this page in case anyone still wants to get hold of a copy for any reason.

The XPL CM12 Service provides 2-way communication between an XPL network and the X10 CM11/CM12 Home Automation Controller.
Version 2.0 and later of the service adds support for extended commands, allowing total control over professional X10 modules such as the LD11 and the many Leviton modules that use extended X10 codes.


Important Notes

Please remember to view the readme.txt file before beginning the installation or upgrade of the XPL CM12 Service.

If you require further information about the software on this page, please mail john.b1@blueyonder.co.uk.