Comfort xPL Interface

The Comfort Security System manufactured by Cytech Technology is a state-of-the-art solution for both security and home automation.

The Comfort xPL Interface is a software application (implemented as a Windows service using Microsoft .NET technology), that is installed on a host computer and communicates with the Comfort system either by using an UCM/Ethernet module, which allows Comfort to be directly connected to the LAN, or by a direct serial port connection to a UCM/01.

The interface supports a wide variety of event reporting and is able to control many of Comfort's features, including setting the state of the alarm (security off, away mode, night mode, day mode or holiday mode). Comfort's outputs can also be controlled by standard xPL control.basic messages, and Comfort's advanced features can also be accessed by issuing action codes directly within xPL messages.
Comfort reports a whole host of events to the xPL network, including changes in the state of the system, zone/input activations, power failure, low battery, telephone line state, and many more.
When used in combination with an intelligent home automation manager, such as xPLHal, the Comfort xPL interface can allow much of your complex home automation logic to be carried out on a PC, freeing up the internal memory of Comfort for tasks that are specific to security needs.

If your Comfort security system is connected to an X10 interface, the xPL Comfort interface can respond to standard X10 xPL messages to control X10 devices using Comfort. X10 commands sent on the powerline can also be picked up by Comfort and relayed as xPL messages to inform other xPL-enabled devices.