xPL Hub

If you wish to use more than one XPL receiver on a single PC, you will require the use of a hub.
The XPL Hub.NET is an implementation of an XPL hub in the Microsoft VB.NET programming language.

Unlike many other XPL hubs, XPL Hub.NET installs as a Windows service, meaning that it starts up as soon as the computer boots, and continues to run until the operating system is shut down. Many other applications require to be started in the startup group or registry and are only active once a user has logged on.

Other advantages of using a Windows service are that the hub's operation can be controlled remotely, and the health of the hub service can be monitored by standard WIndows monitoring agents.
If you have other XPL services installed, you can set dependencies so that all XPL services are dependent on the XPL Hub service. This means that the Hub will always startup before any other XPL application, making sure that the Hub is ready to receive the first heartbeat messages.


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