What is xPLHal?

xPLHal is the engine at the heart of your xPL-based home automation system. It is responsible for processing incoming xPL messages, and executing scripts to perform a wide variety of tasks.
In addition to processing xPL messages, xPLHal includes a powerful Timed Events Engine, which allows actions to take place at specific times of the day. The events system includes many powerful features such as both single and recurring events, and automatic randomisation of event timing.
xPLHal can also act as an xPL Hub for all applications that are running on the same computer as the xPL service.
It also includes an xPL Configuration Manager, which provides automatic configuration of all your xPL-based devices.

Management of your xPLHal home automation system can be achieved either through a Windows-based Manager, or via the xPLHal Web Access product, which allows browser-based access to your xPLHal installation from anywhere.
The xPLHal Project, like many of the xPL projects, is completely open-source and released under the GNU General Public License. If you would like to contribute to the continued development of the xPLHal Project, please contact the Development Team by visiting the xPLHal Web Site.