Configuring your xPL Devices

The xPL specification includes a set of powerful yet simple remote-configuration features, which allow for complete automatic configuration of your entire xPL network of devices. You should check with the developer or supplier of your particular xPL-enabled device or software application to see if it supports remote configuration. Devices that do not support remote configuration may require some manual steps to be taken - you should refer to the documentation for the device in question to determine what steps you need to take.

The xPLHal Configuration Manager

xPLHal includes a feature-rich configuration manager, which has been tightly integrated into the xPLHal server to offer both flexible and reliable operation, as well as easy management through unified Windows-based and Web-based tools.

The built-in Configuration Manager within xPLHal is enabled by default, however should you wish to disable it for any reason, for example if you already have an xPL Configuration Manager on your network, you can do so by following the steps described in Disabling xPLHal Integrated Components.
Before you can begin configuring your xPL devices, you should ensure that the xPLHal service is installed and running.
You can then bring online any xPL devices that you need to configure.

The xPL Devices node in the xPLHal Manager will show you a list of all currently configured xPL devices on your network.
Expanding this node and clicking on the Awaiting Configuration node will show you those devices which are currently waiting to be configured.

Configuring a Device

To configure a device, first ensure that it is powered up and has a connection to your xPL network.
Please note that the device may remain in the list of Awaiting Configuration devices for up to 15 minutes after it has been configured.
You can re-configure any device at a later date by double-clicking on it and amending the required configuration parameters.