xPLHal is designed to be minimilistic in it's code, with speed of processing and flexibility the key objectives. In itself xPLHal does not do anything, it's power comes from the xPL Protocol.
It will only function in conjunction with xPL Applications/Devices (though these can be anywhere on the network/system infrastructure).

If you are going to be using the xPL Protocol in an environment requiring decision making/actions that YOU can control, then YOU NEED xPLHal. You've tried the rest now try the BEST ;-)

If you are holding off using xPL, because you have devices that are not xPL enabled, then e-mail details to the xPLHal Development Team. We will advise you on xPL enabling your device(s). or even write the code for you (time allowing!) if we can do so without actually having the device.

We hope you enjoy using xPLHal and would love to hear about any suggestions you may have for improvement.

The xPLHal Development Team