xPL Language Extensions

The xPL class provides xPL-specific extensions to VBScript, and can be used from any of your scripts when running under xPLHal.
The following xPL-specific functions are currently available:

To retrieve a specific parameter from an xPL message

xpl.getparam(<message>,<parameter>,<strip white space>)
The body of the xPL message will be searched for a matching parameter value.
e.g. myparam = xpl.getparam(xplMessage,"housecode",True)

You can specify the following special parameters to retrieve other portions of the message:
{SCHEMA} will return the message schema, e.g. x10.basic
{MSGTYPE} will return the type of message, e.g. xpl-trig

To enumerate all parameters in an xPL Message

Returns the number of parameters contained within the body of the message.

Returns the name of the parameter at the specified index.

Returns the value of the parameter at the specified index.

To send an xPL message

xpl.sendmsg(<message type>,<target>,<Schema>,<message body>)
e.g. mymsg=mymsg+"speech=hello world"+chr(10)
     call xpl.sendmsg("","","TTS.ANNOUNCE",mymsg)
The body message should only contain the name/value pairs, the final chr(10) is optional
A <message type> of "" defaults to "XPL-CMND"
A <target> of "" defaults to "*"

To safely get the <source_instance>

e.g. who = xpl.srcinst("<Source>_<Instance>")
Safely sets who to <source>.<instance>
Should only be required where source is xpl. or sys. or x10.