xPLHal Web Access Installation Guide

System Requirements


You are now ready to access xPLHal Web Access in your Web browser.

Security Considerations

In order to avoid unauthorised access to your xPLHal Web Access installation, you should disable anonymous access to the virtual directory containing the xPLHal Web Access files.
If the xPLHal service is running on a computer that is accessible via the Internet, make sure that access to TCP port 3865 is blocked from the Internet. This port is used by xPLHal Web Access to communicate with xPLHal, and should not be accessible to anyone outside of your local area network.

If you plan to remotely administer your xPL network over the Internet on a regular basis, it is recommended that you access xPLHal Web Access via SSL. You can either use the built-in SSL support provided on certain versions of IIS, or you can use a tool such as Orenosp, which is a free secure proxy server.